About Us

PSNL was recently set up to provide both proactive and reactionary solutions to the Nigerian construction industry. Combining proper planning, well-drafted contracts constant monitoring, dedicated project management services and outstanding professionals, PSNL ensures that construction targets achieve the set objectives of time, money and quality.


The international nature of PSNL's services ensures that our services meet international best practice standards. The coherence and availability of a single point of responsibility is unique in Nigeria where such services are otherwise available fragmentarily. PSNL thus eliminates delays and associated additional costs. The result is your all round satisfaction.



Our Vision


"We are
dedicated and passionate
in ensuring
delivery of
innovative and solution
oriented services
to the
Nigerian & global populace."


Real Estate

We take particular interest in our clients' leasing requirements. This enables us match them with the most appropriate available accommodation whether commercial or residential.

Facility Management

We take the responsibility of ensuring that your facility operates effectively and efficiently. In the circumstance you are free to focus on other business goals.


Litigation Support

PSNL can assist with the preparation and or analysis of construction claims, requests for additional compensation and or extension of time, where litigation is concerned.


Tenancy Administration

Managing your tenancies can be time and capital intensive. We simplify the process for you by implementing strategies from the outset, which ensure that the bargain of occupying . . .